Providing military honors for any deceased honorably discharged veteran of York County

About the York County Honor Guard

This site is dedicated to the York County Honor Guard, dedicated to honoring fallen veterans of York County, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area.





In 1984 local veteran organizations began receiving requests from families of deceased York County veterans for military funerals.  The veterans’ organizations were unable to honor the requests due to lack of members available to properly perform a full military funeral.


Upon being informed of the situation, the York County Joint Veterans Council, with the support of the York County Department of Veteran Affairs, took action.  With the guidance of a few dedicated veterans a burial detail was formed to provide a deceased veteran’s family with a flag folding and taps ceremony only.


In 1985 William Buchbinder, a 43 year Navy veteran  moved to the York area and became involved.  Seeing a need to improve the burial detail Buchbinder visited local veterans posts to recruit members.  Membership increased enabling the group to provide full military honors for the honorably discharged veteran. 


On August 29, 1988, the group separated from the York County Joint Veterans Council and became the York County Veterans Honor Guard, a self-governing group to be held accountable to the York County Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the York County Board of Commissioners.  William Buchbinder was elected Commander by the eighteen members of the Honor Guard.


Accurate records were not kept during the years from 1984 thru 1988, but indications are that the Honor Guard performed 250 funerals during that time period.  In the years 1989 thru 2010, 5706 services were recorded.


Milestones include:  January 2004, May 7, 2014 – 6 funerals in one day

                                  May 2011 – most funerals in one month (51)

2014  - most Details in one year  (409)

          September 2008 – most members participating in one service (29)

           August 2, 2011 - most flags presented simultaneously to one family - 6

Collective Mileage: Most in one month: March 2012 11,284,  Most in one year:  2010 – 86,233 miles 

In 2011 the York County Veterans Honor Guard is comprised of approximately 38 active members representing all five of the Uniformed Services.  All members of the York County Honor Guard are volunteers.  Membership requires that they be Honorably Discharged veterans.  Approximately 350 funerals are provided yearly for York County veterans with an attendance averaging 18 to 20 members, allowing for a Full Detail which includes flag folding and presentation, color guard, rifle salute and taps. 


We sincerely believe the service we provide is a richly deserved recognition and tribute to our departed comrades who protected the American freedoms for all of us.



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